Aspire Law Event for Prospective Students a resounding success

Careers in Law lecture 2018

Over 100 people attended Reigate College’s Aspire Law Event on Wednesday 24th January, for students starting at the College in September 2018, with an interest in pursuing Law as a career.

Anne Rodell, Associate Professor at The University of Law gave a superb overview of the routes into Law, with former students David Creese (Alumni 2016), Lawrence Hillier-Wood (Alumni 2014), and Riona Mark (Alumni 2009) giving presentations on their Law careers to date.

Stephen Tippen, Director of Student Development at Reigate College, who is responsible for the College’s Aspire Programme, said, “These events give our prospective students the chance to start thinking through where their College courses might lead them, and give students realistic goals in terms of grade requirements and the sorts of extra-curricular activities they should get involved in.

Being exposed to this level of careers guidance before they start, means that they are likely to be more focused and motivated to achieve at the very highest level when they start at the College.

I would like to say a very big thank you to Anne Rodell, our former students and teaching staff, who took the time out of their busy schedules to come and support the event. I’m sure all the aspiring Lawyers who attended will agree, that it was time extremely well spent!”

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