BTEC Level 3 courses help Reigate College students secure top university places

Looking at the university destinations of this year’s Reigate College leavers presents a convincing argument for incorporating one or more BTECs into sixth form study programmes.

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Georgia Pitts did BTEC Law and A Levels in Geography and History at Reigate College, and is now doing a Degree in Law at the University of Law

The table below gives some specific examples of the courses and universities this year’s leavers went on to and the courses they took while at the College.

For privacy reasons, the names of students have been left out.

So what are the benefits of taking one or more BTEC Levels 3s as part of a sixth form study programme?   

  • Less pressure: BTEC courses are assessed via a combination of coursework and exams, and so you can pass them as you go along, without the pressure of sitting exams for every subject at the end of the Upper Sixth.
  • Outstanding results: The College achieves outstanding results for BTEC Level 3s, and as long as students commit to keeping up-to-date with coursework and completing it at a high level, they have a really good chance of achieving a high grade (Distinction (D) or Distinction*(DS*)).
  • UCAS points: A Distinction * at BTEC Level 3 carries the same number of UCAS points as an A* at A Level.   The majority of universities accept BTEC Level 3s, you can see some examples in the table above.
  • Practical & vocational: BTECs tend to be more vocational in nature and so are suited to students who like to apply their studies to the ‘real world.’ For example, the College offers BTECs in Applied Human Biology, Business, Law, Engineering, Health & Social Care and Performing Arts.

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