College students fundraise to combat global poverty

Three charity logos

This week launched a three-week period of fundraising organised by the College’s Students for High-Impact Charity Club. Through a variety of fun events, the students are aiming to raise money for three great charities addressing global poverty:

  • The Against Malaria Foundation: probably the most cost-effective way to save lives in the world
  • GiveDirectly: giving money straight to those who need it most 
  • Schistosomiasis Control Initiative: preventing children suffering from intestinal worms, and helping to keep them in education 

These charities were selected by members of the High-Impact Charity Club for being among the most cost effective ways to help those in extreme poverty.

Club organiser Jamie Harris, said, “The students have worked really hard to research the most effective charities to support so the money they raise will make a real difference around the world.” 

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