Leavers’ 2023 Events

Yesterday our 2023 leavers wrote personalised shout-out cards to their teachers to express a simple ‘thank you’ for any support they may have received during their time with us. There was also an opportunity for the students to take a memorable photo with a 360-degree camera – a small memento to take away before their exam periods start.  

Keen to develop a long-term relationship, Larry the Lobster made an appearance, signing up leavers for our alumni network to stay in touch, network and help out in the future. 

Upper 6th students leaving College this summer can sign up to either Future First or our LinkedIn Alumni group. Larry also launched our alumni prize draw, in which leavers can win a gift card worth £50, £20 or £10 (entries close June 30). And it’s all happening again tomorrow (11 May)

 https://www.futurefirsthub.org.uk/register/reigatecollege and  https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13510753/

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