Reigate College offers outstanding progression guidance

Situated in E106, upstairs in the Enhancement Building, Reigate College’s Careers Resource Centre is open every day from 9.00am to 4.30pm (term-time only) and has five dedicated members of Careers staff.

Ellen Walkinshaw, Associate Director Progression, is the College’s Careers Leader (see centre, photo below).

Reigate College’s Careers Leader is (Associate Director Progression).

Please view the College’s Careers Programme.

Location: E106, First Floor Enhancement Building

Opening hours: 9.00am to 4.30pm (term-time only)


Reigate College has held the Investor in Careers Award since 2006.

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See the Careers Calendar for all the latest events and speaker information.

The College Careers staff go to great lengths to arrange Careers-related opportunities for students. Please make the most of them by checking the Careers Calendar and Careers bulletin regularly.

Each year the College successfully supports around 800 students and 150 former students through the process of applying to university.

Throughout the lower sixth year the Careers Programme provides students with a range of encounters with Higher Education. Students applying to university join an UCAS Pathway tutorial group in the upper sixth. Please follow the instructions in the Reigate College UCAS Student Guide.

Former Students

If you are a former Reigate College Student and wish to apply to university you must apply through Reigate College. Please follow the instructions in the Reigate College UCAS Former Student Guide.

See the latest Destinations information for 2020. The destinations of leavers for 2021 is still being collated and will be made available shortly.

Each year the College successfully supports around 400 students through the process of applying to Apprenticeships, College Leaver Schemes and direct entry positions.

Throughout the Lower Sixth the Careers Programme provides students with a range of encounters with Employers and Employees.

Students applying for apprenticeships or other employment join an Employment and Apprenticeship Pathway tutorial group in the Upper Sixth.

In order to stand the best chance of making a successful apprenticeship or employment application, you need to take responsibility for reading the careers bulletin on a weekly basis and applying for opportunities, as and when they come up.

The College has a dedicated Work Experience Team based in E102 (Careers Department) who are able to provide support and advice on securing a valuable work experience placement.

All Lower Sixth students are required to complete work experience, which may be a work place visit, shadowing an employer or employee for a day or longer, or a period of work experience.

If your organisation would be willing to offer work experience please contact the Work Experience Team via the contact details above and download the leaflet How employers can help (see section below).

Please contact or on 01737 221118 ext 633.

Students are encouraged to arrange their own experience, and advice on how to do this is available in the Work Experience, Frequently Asked Questions guide (link below). The College works in partnership with a number of organisations to provide experiences of the work place for students that are advertised in weekly Careers Bulletin.

The three main external organisations the College works with for digital and virtual experiences of the workplace are:

In July 2022 Reigate College worked with 8 Billion Ideas running a three day virtual work experience. This was scenario based, in which students were acting as interns at “8 Billion Ideas”, assigned to the R&D department. Over the three days the students participated in a range of experiences to develop their employability skills. See the 8BillionIdeas Introduction to the Work Experience Internship video and 8 Billion Ideas – an example of a student activity video.

Work Experience Student Preparation Checklist
Work Experience Feedback and Review
Safeguarding Policy for Employers
Work Experience, Frequently Asked Questions

Employers can support Reigate College’s Careers Programme in a number of ways. These include offering experiences of the work place through insight days or half days, work experience or work shadowing.

Employers can also provide useful insights to the world of work by coming in to College to give talks (either general or vocationally specific) and have the opportunity of taking a stand at the College’s annual Careers Fair. Further and Higher Education providers can also attend our Careers and Higher Education fair, and many provide bespoke events to support students interested in applying for particular subjects. We also work with a range of organisations that aim to widen participation in Higher Education and improve social mobility.

If you are an employer and are interested in working with us please download the How Employers Can Help guide.

We would encourage employers or other agencies that are able to support us in delivering our careers programme to email

We would also appreciate feedback on our Careers Programme from employers and other agencies. If you are able to provide this please email and we will send you a feedback form.