Aiming high at university

Ben Bradley

Last week marked the UCAS deadline for accepting offers, and even in these uncertain times, progressing to university remains the preferred choice for the majority of College students.

The College’s Careers Department supports all students with targeted advice and guidance for their next steps, with a bespoke Aspire Programme offered to those students looking to secure places at the top universities. From this year’s cohort, 211 students have accepted offers from Russell Group universities, with an additional 74 accepting offers from the highly selective non-Russell Group universities included in Sutton Trust 30.

Just some of the students who’ve benefitted from the Aspire Programme and are holding offers this year include Ben Bradley (pictured; Physics, Keble College, Oxford), Caitlin E. (History, Durham), Kiera N. (Psychology, Newcastle), Adam L. (Mechanical Engineering, Birmingham), Amy B. (French & Russian, Edinburgh), Joshua C. (Economics, Bristol), Emelie C. (Mathematics, Nottingham), Gus F. (Biochemistry, York) and Arthur F. (Computer Science, Bath).

Find out more about the Aspire Programme.

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