Biology Trip to Marwell Zoo

43 A Level Biology and BTEC Applied Human Biology students participated in an Animal Behaviour Conference at Marwell Zoo on Monday 1 July. 

The trip was of particular interest to students considering applying to study Veterinary Science, Veterinary Nursing and those interested in Animal Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation. 

Students carried out their own pilot and behaviour studies using many of the viewable species out in the zoo, before returning to analyse and present their findings. Using real life case studies, students were then introduced to the importance of observational studies for recognising and monitoring animal behaviour for captive animal management and wild animal conservation. 

Highlights of the conference were a classification session where students met two of the Zoo’s resident Boas and an  afternoon enjoying the zoo!Alys Dreux, Head of Biology, commented  “Visiting Marwell Zoo is a tremendous opportunity for students to experience the importance of animal behaviour monitoring on animal health and welfare and also to experience first-hand applications of Biology theory learned in the classroom.”

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