Computer Science is a subject that will appeal to students who are interested in a future working with computers or in related areas such as Software development and Engineering. It is a very ‘hands on’ subject that focuses heavily on computer programming, as well as the theoretical understanding of how computers work.

What goes well with this course?

Computer Science goes well with Mathematics, Science and Engineering courses.

Course Content

Over half of the course is practical computer programming work. The programming language studied is Java. The course also looks at methods of problem-solving and the theory of how computers and telecommunications systems work. Students will gain valuable programming and analytical problem solving skills by taking Computer Science.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Fundamentals of data representation
  • Fundamentals of computer systems
  • Communication & networking
  • Systems life cycle
  • Databases
  • Algorithms & data structures
  • Comparing algorithms, searching & sorting
  • Computational thinking
  • Number representation
  • Vectors
  • Regular languages
  • Object oriented programming & functional programming
  • Communication & networking

Educational Experiences

Course Specific Trips, Visits & Experiences

Computer Science A Level students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of course related experiences. In recent years, these have included:

  • Representatives from City University London delivering a Computing Masterclass to students

Activities Programme

In addition to course specific experiences, students also have the opportunity to get involved in the College’s Activities Programme.

Work Experience

All students need to gain an experience of the work place during their time at College and for students studying vocational courses it should ideally be linked to one of their subject areas.


There are two theory exams (both worth 40%) and one piece of coursework (20%). The coursework topic is selected by the student with guidance from the teacher.

The exam board for this A Level is AQA.

Entry Requirements

All students need to have at least five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above (and a satisfactory school reference) in order to be accepted on an A Level/BTEC Level 3 Programme. 

In addition, students should meet the following minimum GCSE requirements:  

  • Grade 6 in Maths, or
  • Grade 5 in Maths and Grade 6 in Computer Science or Physics (6,6 in Combined Science)

GCSE Computer Science is not a requirement for this course, however a strong aptitude in Maths is.

This course will suit students who are:

  • Interested in Computers, Design, Engineering, Technology and Electronics
  • Good at problem-solving and using logic
  • Original, creative, organised, and analytical thinkers

This is a problem-solving subject that requires students to think in a clear and logical way. Most students combine this course with either Mathematics or a Science subject. Students not taking either of these, might consider BTEC Level 3 Computing as an alternative.

How to Apply

Applications for entry September 2020

Students from partner schools (Reigate, Warwick, de Stafford and Oakwood) should complete an online application under the guidance of their school.

All other applicants should download and return the 2020 application form.

All applications will be considered according to the College’s Admissions Policy.

Please see the Admissions timetable for information about the College’s enrolment process.

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