Farewell and Hello

Reigate College Students' Union 2020-2021

Farewell to the College’s 2019-2020 Students’ Union and thank you for all that you’ve done to help make Reigate College such a lovely, supportive community for students to study in.

And hello to our new Students’ Union for 2020-2021

Ava Karanth
Freya Forrest

Equality Officer
Hollie – Mae Boittaux

Community Event Officers
Freya Coupland
Jasmine Haduoka Taylor
Freya Barrow
India Brodie
Rhianna Culverwell

Environmental Officers
Madeline Hillier
Katie Haddock
Lailah Touray

Administration and Media Officer
Alyssa Gobin

Events Officers
Jennifer Horwill
Megan Nelstrop

Wellbeing Ambassadors
Daniela Illieva
Anna Leo
Abigail Whiston
Ania Lang
Abigail Maher
Courtney Danbury

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