Former student returns to College for research project

Maddie Mahoney

Reigate College was delighted to welcome back former student and Charity SU officer Madeleine Mahoney who came into College to speak to Lower Sixth students about her experiences of studying at university and invite them to participate in a research experiment for her Masters project.

Maddie joined Reigate College in 2013 from City of London Freemen’s School and studied A Level Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics before taking up a place to study Biology at Bristol University. She is now completing her Integrated Masters in Biology and as part of this is doing an independent research project on human collective intelligence in cognitive tasks and the effect of social influence. College students helped out with this by taking part in an exercise to provide data on the ways in which our decision-making process is influenced by peer pressure.

After completing her Masters, Maddie is planning either to embark on a PhD or to start employment. She is a member of the College’s Alumni network, which connects former students working and studying in a wide range of areas. Find out how to join the network here.  

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