Future medic Cameron Fowler

Cameron Fowler

Congratulations to Upper Sixth student Cameron Fowler who has been offered a place to study Medicine at Leeds University.

Cameron joined Reigate College from Archbishop Tenison’s School and is studying A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. He has recently also completed an Extended Project Qualification entitled ‘Should 3D printed organs be used for transplantation instead of the more traditional method of organ donation?’

He explained how his choice of EPQ came about: “Last year during an Aspire lesson, I watched a TED talks video about 3D printed organs. Having learnt about stem cells in Biology, I was fascinated by how organs could be created in this way. Also, having done work experience in hospitals, I saw patients in desperate need of an organ transplantation and I thought that this technique could be a valid alternative to the current method.”

In order to complete his EPQ, Cameron used a variety of research methods and materials including online journals and newspaper articles, and he also conducted a survey as a primary source of information to gauge people’s knowledge and ethical opinions of stem cell use.

Reflecting on the process, Cameron said, “My research skills have vastly improved and this will help me in my future studies at university. I have enhanced my ability to evaluate, analyse and summarise data and information which allowed me to effectively complete the project. Also, I’ve learnt how to prepare and conduct a reliable and valid survey.”

Whilst at Reigate College, Cameron has been part of the MVD Society which supports students applying to study Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry at university. Offers for this year’s applicants are still coming in; along with Cameron, MVD students receiving offers so far include:

  • Beth Aldridge: Veterinary Science (Bristol, Nottingham and Surrey)
  • Makunth Kowsik: Medicine (Birmingham)
  • Jacob Foulsham: Medicine (Newcastle)
  • Sasha Graham: Medicine (University of East Anglia)
  • Manny Chaffe: Medicine (Sheffield)

Read more about the MVD Programme here.

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