Future medics

Applied Science student

The vital role of the medical profession in society has perhaps never been so profoundly appreciated as it is right now. With that in mind, we are delighted that so many Reigate College students choose to go on to train to become doctors – and this year is no exception.

Manny Chaffe, Holly Davies, Jacob Foulsham, Cameron Fowler (pictured), Sasha Graham, Mukunth Kowsik, James Williams and Ewan Young have all been offered a place to study Medicine at university, following in the footsteps of those former Reigate College students who are currently underway in their training or qualified and working as doctors.

This year’s students were all part of the College’s MVD Programme which supports and equips aspiring Medics, Vets and Dentists through an additional weekly tutorial of targeted preparation and advice.

Due to the current restrictions, we are unable to photograph all this year’s MVD students receiving university offers, but the above images give a flavour of some of the opportunities offered by the College’s MVD Programme.

The Programme is run by science teacher Liz Sanders, and our thanks to her for all she does in helping students achieve their goals, year on year. Along with the medics, Upper Sixth student Beth Aldridge has also received multiple offers to study Veterinary Science at university.

Our congratulations to everyone involved!

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