Hannah’s ocean adventures profile a life in marine biology

Congratulations to Reigate College alumna Hannah Gibbs, whose marine biology focused Instagram account recently clocked up 1m views on a single video and nearly 100k followers.

Set up four years ago to chart day-to-day life studying for her Master’s degree in Marine Biology, Hannah is passionate about sharing her knowledge and educating others in the profession. 

Hannah said, “When I started looking for online content about life as a marine biology student, there wasn’t much available online.  So, when I started university, I decided to post about what I was learning to try and help educate others. I’ve always tried to show the hard and less glamourous parts alongside the more obviously rewarding aspects of studying for this qualification, as it’s not all field trips and sunshine!”

Having graduated with a First from the University of Southampton and travelled in the latter half of 2023, Hannah is now focused on applying for roles that will continue her account’s stated passion for ‘making a commotion about the ocean’. 

Good luck Hannah and keep spreading the word on the importance of biodiversity and environmental protection of our marine life.

Read more about Hannah’s journey into marine biology here

Hannah Gibbs
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