Huge congratulations to our prospective Medics and Vets

MVD students

Congratulations to the following Upper Sixth students who are all holding offers for Medicine:

  • Niamh Chavasse (Sheffield and Cardiff)
  • Hannah Craig (Imperial, UCL, Kings and Queen Mary’s)
  • Freja Forrest (UCL and BSMS)
  • Gregor Fowler (Cambridge Homerton College, Bristol, Aberdeen and Leicester)
  • Fahmina Khan (Birmingham, Leicester and Cardiff)
  • Sharon Pepple (Sunderland and Plymouth)
  • Livvy Walker (Bristol, Birmingham and Sheffield)

Well done also to Callum Pearse who has a Gateway place to study Medicine at UEA.

Liz Sanders, head of Reigate College’s Medics Vets and Dentists (MVD) Programme commented, “I’m so proud of all of them.  It’s tremendous seeing so many offers come in, especially considering the increased competition for places this year.  Applications for Medicine have been up by 21% compared with last year.

Thanks to everyone involved in supporting these incredibly hard-working and committed students.  I know they are really appreciative of all the help they’ve been given by so many different staff.”

The following students have received offers for Veterinary Medicine

  • Amy Beattie (Bristol and Surrey)
  • Taryn Cole (Surrey and Harper Keele)
  • Amy Sanders (Bristol, Nottingham and Surrey)

Please see the Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry Pathways leaflet for more information.

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