Information for current students that may be pertinent to the summer Results Day

A Level (and A Level equivalent) results will be emailed to students via their College email accounts and uploaded to the portal from 9.00am on Tuesday 10 August 2021.

GCSE results will be emailed to students via their College email accounts and uploaded to the portal from 9.00am on Thursday 12 August 2021.

Students should download and save a copy of these results to a personal account, as Reigate College accounts will be disabled at the end of August.

Appeals have to be submitted in accordance with JCQ regulations. Appeals are in two stages:

  • Stage One – Centre Review
  • Stage Two – Exam Board Review

A Stage One appeal must be submitted before a Stage Two appeal. In order to appeal, the student must complete Appendix B. The student must complete all relevant sections and ensure it is signed before submitting it via email to the College at

For more information on appeals, please read the letter sent out to students and parents at the beginning of July.

Please remember that once an appeal has been submitted, the grade may go up, stay the same or go down. If the grade goes down, students are not able to keep the higher grade.

Senior staff will be available on both A Level and GCSE results days from 9am to 4pm, to help with any queries regarding progression.

Please telephone College Reception 0n 01737 221 118 or email enquiries

Examination Certificates (GCSE, BTEC, AS and A Level)

All students who have completed courses at Reigate College during the previous academic year will have certificates.  Certificates will be posted, usually in November and December, to students who have left College. If you have not received your certificates by 31 December please contact the College at

Students who are still at College will be expected to collect their certificates in person during the Autumn or Spring Term.  The College is only obliged to keep certificates for a period of 12 months.

Re-sitting examinations after leaving Reigate College

It may be possible to re-sit written exams in the year after you leave Reigate College, however we are waiting for further guidance on this for 2021. You cannot re-submit coursework or re-take practical exams.

In a normal year, there are limited opportunities to re-sit reformed subjects, as all components of the assessment must be taken in the same exam series.

Unfortunately the College is unable to provide any tuition or access to College facilities, for students re-sitting exams, we can only offer the opportunity to re-sit the exam.

Former students who are considering re-sitting an exam should contact the Exams Office during October or November.

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate candidates who have not previously been students at Reigate College. 

The following scenarios may apply to students on or after Results Day. Please decide which of them applies and follow the links:

Offers for September of the current year

Students who have met the conditions of their firm (F) choice will be placed there. Applicants who are not confirmed at their firm choice, but meet the conditions of their insurance (I) choice will be placed at the latter. UCAS will send these students a Confirmation letter confirming their place. The letter will advise the applicant if they need to take any further action. For students who have sat A Level exams confirmation letters can be viewed on Track from the day that the results are published. It is not necessary to ring the university.

UCAS expects students to honour their firm / insurance choices if they are accepted onto the course. Students who wish to be released from their offers should contact the university directly.

Students holding any other offers, made outside the UCAS system, should reject them as quickly as possible so that the place can be offered to another student. 

Students wishing to withdraw (perhaps to re-apply the following year) should do so promptly, using Track. 

Students who are uncertain about whether to accept an offer should phone the university as soon as possible. Please be aware that you will need your UCAS Personal I.D. number and course code, and may be held in a queue for some time. 

Deferred offers for next year

Students who have received a deferred offer (to start in +12 months) should either:

  • accept the place, or
  • reject it in order to re-apply in the new round of applications

You cannot hold a deferred offer and submit a new application for the same year.

Students who have met and exceeded the conditions of their conditional Firm (CF) choice have the option to try and find an alternative place through Adjustment, while still holding their original confirmed offer.  Students register for Adjustment in Track.  Find out more information about adjustment at

Students who have not met the conditions of their firm (F) choice, or insurance (I) choice, may still be considered by these institutions. Students should check Track for updates.

Applicants who have not met the conditions of their offer may be given a changed course/year offer, which will be shown in Track. They are not obliged to accept this. They will receive a Confirmation Letter outlining the available options when all confirmation decisions have been made. They then must either accept or decline the offer. Students have only 5 calendar days to reply to a changed course offer.

Students who have been unsuccessful and have paid the full application fee (£23) are eligible for Clearing. Those who originally applied for one choice and paid £12 and are not holding an offer, need to make an additional payment of £11 if they wish to enter clearing. This can be done in Track using a debit or credit card.

Students eligible for clearing will be issued with a Clearing Number (Shown in Track). Clearing vacancies will be listed on from results day in August onwards. Students will need to contact the universities directly to discuss the possibility of gaining a place on the course. If a university provisionally offers an applicant a place in Clearing, they will usually give them a date by which they must enter the course details in Track. Further information can be found at

The College will be open on results day from 10am – 3pm for any students who would like to discuss their application.

Ex-students can apply to UCAS through the College. Details of how to do so can be found in Reigate College’s Guide to Applying to University.

Sign up for the Reigate College ‘Careers News’ for ex-students, by emailing Careers News will be available at the end of the summer term and for the first half of the autumn term.

References from Reigate College

The College is happy to provide students with a reference at any time. Please send a written request to the College for the attention of Sally Hopper.