Students vote Green at Reigate College Hustings

Susan Gregory Jonathan Essex, Nick de Souza, Crispin Blunt, Jonathan Vincent

Monday 25th November saw a lively debate between local candidates from each of the four main parties at the College’s Parliamentary Hustings.

The event, which was held in the Forum and broadcast across College via live streaming, was chaired by the College’s Head of Politics Nick de Souza.

Speakers included Reigate and Banstead MP, Crispin Blunt (Conservative), Susan Gregory (Labour), John Vincent (Liberal Democrat) and Jonathan Essex (Green Party).

Questions posed to the speakers by students reflected some of the key issues affecting the student population. These included:

Emily Tilford Carey: How can we be expected to hold any trust in our parliamentarians when their conduct is often disgraceful and they continually break their promises?
Uzma Uddin: How are we supposed to trust that Boris Johnson will abide by what he says and won’t privatise the NHS?
Rami Madanat: Why should people of colour and people with immigrant backgrounds vote Conservative?
Eddie Wallbank: What would a second referendum on Brexit mean for democracy?
Oliver Byrne: What are your parties going to do to stop the under-funding of sixth form education?
Ben Hunter: What are your opinions around the teaching of gender identity, especially to children?

Students attending the hustings were invited to vote at the end of them. The results were as follows:

Green 33%
Conservatives 29%
Labour 23%
Liberal Democrats 14%

Principal Nick Clark would like to extend his thanks to Nick de Souza and each of the local candidates for taking part in this excellent lunchtime event.

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