‘Three weeks three charities’ fundraiser draws to a close

Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI), Give Directly and Against Malaria Foundation logos

An enormous thank you to the College’s Students for High-Impact Charity Club for organising a fantastic series of fundraising events over the past three weeks. 

The students raised an impressive £445, which will be split equally between Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI), Give Directly and Against Malaria Foundation, the three charities the students selected as being able to make the most difference to those living in extreme poverty. The money raised means:

  • Over 150 children will receive deworming pills from SCI, which will increase their time spent in school by an average of two weeks each
  • GiveDirectly will donate almost £150 directly to people living in extreme poverty 
  • Roughly 50 people will now be protected from malaria with a net from Against Malaria Foundation 

Jamie Harris who helps to organise the Club said, “The students have had a lot of fun organising the fundraising events, but more importantly, their efforts will make a real difference to people around the world. They should feel very proud of what they’ve achieved.” 

Find out more about Charity events at Reigate College.

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