Architecture Club Meetings

Our thanks to Heather Levine-Chesler, Director of LCM Architects,  who came in to College on 7 May to talk to aspiring Architects and Interior Designers during the first of the College’s weekly Architecture Club meetings.

Heather gave students a brilliant insight into her route into Architecture and subsequent training, showing them a range of impressive buildings she’s designed throughout her career.

As well as learning about her international career, covering San Francisco, Asia and Europe, students got to see some of her real-life portfolios, that included Arts-related and Educational commissions from around the world. Heather also demonstrated her long-standing passion for sustainable design, showing how she integrates energy efficiency and a sensitivity for the environment into her projects. 

During the College’s weekly Architecture Club meetings, Tom Jacobs, teacher of Engineering and Product Design, will be equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to make successful applications to the best Architecture and related courses.  Thank you Tom for the enthusiasm you’ve shown in taking on this new, exciting role!

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