Operating Theatre Live

Operating Theatre Live 2020

Reigate College was delighted to host Operating Theatre Live on Thursday 23rd January. The day-long immersive experience gave aspiring Medics, Vets, Dentists, Biologists and Health and Social Care students the opportunity to take on the role of a trauma doctor and dissect real specimens, led by an experienced and engaging human anatomist.

During the day, the students worked systematically through a complete dissection of the human body, learning a variety of important clinical skills including interpreting medical images and linking symptoms to clinical diagnosis. By working on specimens using real surgeons’ tools in a post-mortem style experience, they were able to investigate disease and pathology whilst also discovering the intricate structures and how they function to keep us alive.

Liz Sanders, who co-ordinates the College’s Medical, Vets and Dentists (MVD) Society, said of the day, “Students were thrilled to have this opportunity to establish and cement their career choices in the healthcare professions. Everyone involved found the day a valuable addition to the MVD and Aspire programmes at Reigate College.”

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