Interview with Zara Munday

Tell us about yourself 

Zara Munday: I’m currently in the Lower Sixth studying BTECs in Sports Studies and Health & Social Care. I was at St. Bede’s school before coming to Reigate College. I really love Reigate as the teachers are all so friendly, encouraging and supportive. I’m in the College Trampolining Team and looking forward to representing Reigate in the AoC competition later this year.  

When did you start trampolining? 

My Mum first took me when I was only seven years old and I’ve loved it ever since.  

How often do you train? 

I’m a member of two trampolining clubs and I train in East Grinstead and Seaford for twenty hours a week. I do both individual and synchronised trampolining. Both involve tricky somersaults, twists and jumps, which need a lot of practice to get right.  

How have you found your BTEC in Sports Studies? 

I’m really enjoying it. It’s great not having the pressure of exams at the end of the year and I find the course content really interesting. It helps if you have a genuine interest in sport so that you can link theory to practice. 

What has been your greatest sporting achievement to date? 

I’d have to say competing at the Copper Box Arena in London’s Olympic Park last year, at the British Trampolining League Finals. It was an amazing experience. It was pretty nerve wracking, but I finished fourth for my age group in Great Britain so I was happy with that! I love meeting new people and the excitement of competing.  

What are your plans for the future? 

This summer I’m going to Portugal for a trampolining training camp. My ultimate dream for trampolining is to be selected for the 2020 Olympics. After College, I’m planning on going to university to study Sport.

Zara Munday, March 2016

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