I started composing music in 2012 and experimenting with different software, producing mainly electronic music in many forms from Ambient, Acid, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Experimental and even Hip Hop instrumentals. Since then I’ve gone on to produce my own albums, headline local festivals and DJ at events.

Reigate College was a great place to study Music Technology – the recording and editing facilities were amazing and there were lots of opportunities to get involved with music events alongside like-minded people. It gave me a really solid foundation in Music Technology and helped me develop the skills needed for university.

I loved the sense of community at College. I made a lot of friends through my studies as we shared the same passions for Music and Media.

I’ve had some varied work experience roles which have developed my skills from working as a sound engineer at live events , video editing for Unilever, to working as a post production assistant for a global media company.

Dan Wilcox
Dan Wilcox

I’m currently working as a Podcast Editor for Podcast Guys, producing material for clients such as BodyShop and the British Motor Show. I enjoy meeting the clients, understanding their needs and recording audio and video content to fit the brief. In my role I’m always finding opportunities to progress my skills in media production in areas such as audio, video and image editing.

Long term I’d love to be involved in audio design, mixing, and music compositions, but my passion for Media makes me open to any venture within the industry.

My advice to students interested in a career in this field would be to get your CV together and get work experience. Make good use of your time to experiment with different forms of media, try out software, make connections and collaborate with other musicians.

Find out more about my work at www.danjwilcox.net

Dan Wilcox

Reigate College: 2015-2017

Higher Education: Foundation Degree Music & Sound Production, East Surrey College. Music Technology, MET Brighton

Currently: Freelance Composer. Editor for Media Production House, ‘Podcast Guys’

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