What I valued at College most of all were teachers who pushed for you to be your best. In particular, my Physics teacher Nicky always encouraged me to hand in assignments that showed the very best of my ability, rather than submitting something that was ‘just enough’ to pass.

I’m really grateful to all of them for inspiring me to work hard. There were also lots of excellent teaching resources on hand to support my studies.

After College I started out as a Manufacturing Engineering apprentice but a year later changed to a different position as a Medical Field Service Engineering apprentice at Bayer.

I spent three years at Bayer and in 2023 trained as an X-Ray and Ultrasound Engineer. Then, in October of that same year, I started my current position as an MRI Field Service Engineer with GE Healthcare. MRIs are fascinating machines to work with, and I don’t believe I would have had any chance of understanding them, if I hadn’t received such dedicated science teaching.

For any current students, I’d say it’s okay to make mistakes and not fully know what you want to do for a career. Do just keep working hard to get the best results you can, gain experience across multiple disciplines and you’ll soon learn what you enjoy and the career path that suits you.

Reigate College: 2017-2019

Higher education: Level 3 Mechanical Engineering, Crawley College while working as a Manufacturing Engineering apprentice for FMS; Level 4 Electrical and Electronic Engineering, East Surrey College while working as a Medical Field Service Engineering apprentice at Bayer plc

Currently: MRI Field Service Engineer, GE Healthcare

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