“My job as an Armourer involves maintaining and repairing all weapon systems held by the Army. This includes all small arms from Rifles, Light Machine guns all the way up to maintaining the 120mm Cannon on the Challenger 2 and everything in-between.

I enjoy the variety in my job; one day I’m in the armoury fixing the L85A2 (SA80 variant rifle) and the next I am conducting a range package with the Royal Lancers for the 30mm Rarden Cannon mounted on the CVRT (Scimitar). My job is all about ensuring all the weapon systems operate to their peak efficiency in the safest possible way for their user.

I joined the Army in 2019 and so far the highlights have been flying in the back of a chinook helicopter, experiencing night ambushes and more recently I was privileged to have been selected for Public duties, which involved training to become one of the Queen’s Guard for a three month placement.

I’m proud to be a part of an organisation that has hundreds of years of history.”

Roland Murrell

Reigate College: 2014-2016

Currently: Armourer, British Army REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)

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