I chose to work in the Probation Service as I’ve always had a fascination in the causes of crime and how these can be addressed. I entered the service with a strong belief that anyone can change their life around if they want to. I also felt passionate about working on the front line, gaining first-hand experience with rehabilitation and public protection. After graduating from university I volunteered as an Appropriate Adult and Referral Panel member with the Youth Offending Service which was a great introductory experience to the criminal justice system.

In the Probation Service, I’ve worked on high risk and complex cases which were difficult, but highly rewarding. I’ve also had the opportunity to work in case management and in the Court environment where I’ve made sentencing recommendations to Judges and Magistrates. It’s great to feel that you are making a difference to your local community, as well as particular individuals.

I’ve progressed to become a Quality Development Officer, where I audit cases and help to train and offer 1-2-1 support to Probation Officers across the South Central region. I really enjoy supporting people in their role, tackling long-standing issues in probation practice and helping to move probation work forward.

Whilst it’s not always been easy, I’ve consistently been proud to work in the Probation Service and I support the important role it plays in society, in protecting the public and helping to reduce reoffending.

Evie Marie

Reigate College: 2011-2013

Studied: Psychology, Media Studies, English A Levels, Chemistry AS Level

Higher Education: Criminology with Psychology, Exeter University. Degree in Probation Practice

Currently: Quality Development Officer, Probation Service

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