Why did you choose Reigate College?

The College has some of the best filmmaking facilities I’d come across at this education level, and I was ready for something new, rather than staying at secondary school.

How and why did you decide which subjects to study?

I was certain I wanted to go into a Film or Media-based career, so I chose subjects that would help develop my creative and analytical skills. I also enjoy exploring different kinds of stories – so English Lit and Film were a great fit for me.

How did you find the move from school to College?

I felt slightly intimidated before I started as I didn’t know anyone, but as soon as I set foot on campus, everyone was really kind and with the support of teachers, the transition seemed very easy.

What have you enjoyed most about your courses?

All my courses allow me to use my imagination and get creative and I enjoy that aspect the most – in particular, the practical filmmaking aspects of my Film and Media courses.

In Film and English I’ve also been introduced to movements in art, literature and film that have inspired my personal creative vision when it comes to filmmaking, like the French New Wave and Aestheticism.

It’s also been great meeting so many like-minded people on my courses – people who have become lifelong friends.

How have you found the teaching and support staff?

I’ve really appreciated how teaching staff treat us as real people and not just students; it’s made me feel comfortable and confident in class.

I can confidently say that the teachers at Reigate College are the best I’ve ever had!

Tell us about any College Enrichment activities you’ve been involved in

I was a part of the Aspire Programme in my Lower Sixth and that allowed me to do an EPQ. I chose to do it on the representation of women in horror films. This meant I could explore something I’m passionate about, in extreme detail.

What do you think makes Reigate College a good place to be a student?

There’s a strong sense of community, making it easy to make friends. The College and surrounding areas feel extremely safe.

What’s your plan for when you leave College?

I’m going to do a degree in Film Production at Arts University Bournemouth, where I will hopefully specialise in directing, screenwriting and cinematography.

Jess, 2023

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