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How did you decide which subjects to study?

I loved doing Media at GCSE and so Media A Level was an obvious choice.

Psychology is probably the closest of my A Levels to Anthropology which I’ve had an interest in for some time and I did Biology because I was also thinking about doing Zoology, when I was choosing my A Levels.

What have you liked most about the A Level Media Studies course?

I like the combination of essay writing and practical coursework. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my way around cameras on film projects and learning to edit using Final Cut Pro. It’s also good having some projects that you do on your own and others that you complete as a group.

I love analysing media texts – whether an advertisement, music video, magazine article or TV show – and thinking about who is being targeted and whether different representations reflect or effect society.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m planning on doing Archaeology and Anthropology at Bristol University. Longer term I’d like to do something hands on like documentary work, involving travel, where I can document my own view of things.

Olivia, 2023

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